By Dylan Katz

61.516830° N   23.684780° E


This series is an invitation to contemplate the relationship between man and nature, an exploration into the harmonious dichotomy of two materials – glass and ice.

Uncanny Ice

The visual similarities between the glass sculptures and the ice which inspires them underscores the fact that the two materials are nevertheless near opposites. Man made glass, formed in the inferno of a furnace, can stay unchanged indefinitely. Ice, in stark contrast, is one of the most temporary solids imaginable existing only a frigid temperatures. 


When the light of the sun returns from it’s winter hiatus, the ice of Finlands lakes begins to shift and break apart. Along the shorelines piles of readymade sculptures accumulate. These projects are more about curation than creation. A process of selecting, extracting, moving and installing, to exhibit these natural works of art.

61.51777° N 23.81516° E 



This project was born from a love triangle between an artist, his surroundings and his chosen medium. Dylan’s curiosity and playful nature latched immediately onto the stunning ice formations of his adopted home Finland. What began as a simple appreciation of spontaneous beauty soon turned into an impulse to try to replicate it in glass.

The unique methods used to create Uncanny Ice was developed by Dylan Katz, and showcased in 2022 at the annual Glass Art Society (GAS) Conference, which was held in Tacoma, WA, USA.

Uncanny Ice was first exhibited publicly in 2022 at the HUB of The Venice Glass Week.

Custom work and private commissions are available on request.